Our Public School System is damaged beyond repair.

The system is fatally broken. Those who govern the system are misguided. The pool of talented teachers is too shallow and the teachers’ unions continue to obstruct the most promising paths forward.

What’s a parent to do?

Award Winning Educator, Dr. James Casale has a revolutionary solution:

School reform starts at home.

In this powerful new book, he provides an inside look at the depth of these problems and offers steps you as a parent can take to safeguard the success of your children.

Dr. Casale is an award-winning educator who spent 50 years in the public school system at every level: From teacher to principal, to assistant superintendent, and college professor.

From the depth of this experience, he lays out a powerful call to action for parents to take charge of their child’s future. And reveals exactly what they need to do in order to raise Smart, Happy, Healthy and Upstanding Citizens who can excel in school, at home and in life.

Many parents mistakenly limit their involvement in their child’s education to helping them with homework or volunteering at school. This may have been true decades ago, but times have changed.

What’s needed now is something more urgent and powerful: A total paradigm shift!

Parents must no longer rely on schools to raise their children. And instead take a Family Pledge to accept their sacred responsibility to becoming their children’s first set of teachers and role models.

In Family Pledge Dr. Casale reveals the cornerstones on how to get started, including:

  • Why Fixing Our Current Broken School System Is Impossible
  • The Root Causes Of Our Failing Schools Every Parent Must Know About In Order To Ensure Their Child’s Success
  • Two Critical Things Parents Must Do Early and Often To Develop A High-Character Child
  • The 7 Building Blocks Parents Can Do At Home to Skyrocket Their Child’s Success at School
  • Why Most Preschools Are Substandard and How To Know the Difference Between a First-Rate Preschool and a Below-Average Preschool
  • Surprising Research That Shows Homework Is Not Linked To Student Achievement
  • How To Say No To Your Kids And Mean It So You Can Keep Your Sanity And Stay In Control
  • The Hidden Secret Why Standardized Testing Is Setting Your Children Back And The Simple Steps You Can Take To Ensure Your Child’s Progress
  • 7 Tips For Parents To Get The Most Out Of Parent-Teacher Conferences So Their Child Can Succeed
  • What Parents Can Do About Bullying To Protect Their Children
  • And So Much More!

The dysfunction in the school system is rampant. And the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Fortunately, parents armed with this powerful book, who are ready take their power back can refuse to let a broken school system set their child up for failure.

Purchase your own copy of Family Pledge now, and take a giant step towards ensuring your child’s ultimate success!