Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a new parent? Learn God’s ways to show courage as your child’s first teacher.

Are you fresh to the parenting game and fear you don’t know the rules? Do you worry your kids won’t grow up to be upstanding citizens? Did you arrive home from the hospital with a newborn and ask yourself, “Now what?” As an award-winning Florida state and national educator, James L. Casale, Ph.D. has more than forty years of experience teaching leadership. Now he’s here to share faith-based solutions for building strong families and establishing an essential plan that helps you bring up respectful, value-driven boys and girls.

The Five Parenting Commandments: How to Raise Christian Children to Be Life-long Learners and Men and Women of Character is a straightforward and informative handbook that delivers five actionable steps to improve your household dynamics. Guiding you via scripture and personal insights, Casale provides daily exercises and journal prompts to help you create functional policies, procedures, and activities for your family. You’ll soon be a child-rearing expert by following easy-to-understand, jargon-free instructions on being the brave parent God wants you to be.

In The Five Parenting Commandments, you’ll discover:

  • How developing your sacred responsibilities helps you raise moral adults
  • Ways to strengthen your skills as a parent, so you can truly inspire
  • Systems for self-assessing and accepting feedback, so you can be your family’s champion
  • Intentional, purposeful, and positive techniques to ensure a healthy home environment
  • Strategies for practicing good judgment, creating a powerful family mission statement, and much, much more!

The Five Parenting Commandments is an encouraging guide to help you understand your approach and become an empowered parent. If you like entertaining anecdotes, helpful examples, and clear action plans, then you’ll love Dr. James L. Casale’s inspirational manual.