Parenting is not quantum physics, brain surgery or completing a triathlon; it's more complex.

Maybe, comedian, Jim Gaffigan said it best,

“Most of the time I feel totally unqualified to be a parent. I call those times, being awake.”

I’m here to help parents by providing common sense advice derived from my experience as an award-winning teacher, principal, and best- selling author. My wife and I were not award-winning parents because we did not have access to the three books and hundreds of essays I have written since 2013. There is also a massive amount of information available for those who want to become better parents than there was when we were raising our children.

I am passionate about helping parents by inspiring, encouraging and informing them about their sacred responsibility to be their child’s first teachers and role models.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please join us for regular updates and articles. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or compliments.

James Casale