Book Review: “Family Pledge”

I noticed an uptick in sales when I contracted with the Redheaded Book Lover to review my book. If you love books as I do, you may be interested in viewing The review follows:


PARENTS: In Dr. Casale’s second book of a planned trilogy on parenting strategies, he continues to inspire, encourage, and inform, parents to accept their solemn responsibility as their child’s first and most important teachers and role models. And how to establish a culture of learning in their homes. No special skills are required.
The format, consisting of 40 individual essays, allows the reader to choose any essays of interest, read them in any order, and add common sense parenting strategies to their repertoire. “Is It the Gorilla’s Fault the Kid Fell into the Zoo Enclosure? “focuses on parent negligence. “Pediatricians Say Limit Electronics” will guide the reader to establish clear house rules that all must abide by. “How to Say NO and Meant It” is my eyewitness account of a Westerly, RI mom in line at a local Walmart.
Enjoy, and have fun while improving your parenting skills.

Family Pledge is a parenting and education book that will provide parents with the tools to help their children (or child) to become the best they can be. Family Pledge is a book I desperately wanted to read upon discovering it, after all, I am a mother of four myself, so I love to read parenting books, especially when they are written by talented professionals! Family Pledge is an outstanding book written by an author with a fresh and exciting perspective on parenting strategies and the strategies James L. Casale so perfectly laces throughout his book, will aid and help parents to create a positive learning environment at home and to even better your relationship with your children’s school and teachers. Yes book lovers, Family Pledge explores many topics which focus on the home and within the family unit, as well as outside of it and outside influences with a strong focus on the education system and the flaws that currently exist. If you are a parent who wants to better your children’s learning as well as practice parenting strategies that will help your children at home, then Family Pledge is a book I recommend. Although if you are not entirely convinced yet then continue to read to learn more.

Family Pledge is a unique book thanks to the topic it explores and how they are explored. Within the pages of Family Pledge, there are forty essays (all individual) written by the talented and well-accomplished author James L. Casale. Casale throughout Family Pledge will inspire, inform and encourage the reader to help improve their children’s lives and to become the best role models for their children. Casale explains that although teachers can play a role in shaping a child and their education, the majority of children look up to their parents as a role model.  That is why it is so important to make sure that the parent is the best role model they can be and can help their children as much as they can.

Throughout the book, the reader will be taken on a journey throughout the forty essays, and each easy is individual therefore it can be read in any order you wish. Each topic explored in each essay is also fascinating, and two of the most prominent ones are ones that focuses on house rules and how to abide by them and parental negligence. These are just two of the many topics explored throughout Family Pledge, and the other thirty-eight essays are equally exceptional as well as informative, and this is all thanks to Casale and his wonderful wisdom and ability to inform his reader.

There is much I loved about Family Pledge; however, I have to admit what I loved the most was Casale’s wisdom on all topics, not just that of parenting. In fact, Casale explores more than just parenting and explores issues within the education and school system and how it is affecting your child. I particularly loved these moments in Family Pledge because I am a parent that loves to be informed of everything which could affect my children. Therefore to learn of current issues and how they can be addressed was stellar and I really appreciate Casale for sharing this in Family Pledge.

James L. Casale is an author with a fresh perspective and it is about time book lovers that a parent can read a book that is refreshing as well as honest and not pushy! Sadly many parenting books are pushy and make the parent feel as if they are doing a bad job but that is not the case with Family Pledge. Casale instead of being a pushy writer is an informative one that perfectly guides and informs readers and provides them with the tools to better their children’s education and the parents teaching strategies. Never once is Casale pushy and that is a quality I love about Family Pledge.

Another quality I love about Family Pledge was the fact that the book is so easy to read! Many parenting strategies books can have text that is too complicated but Casale is a writer who writes to inform his readers easily. He understands that parents do not have all the time in a world so an easy to read but informative book that is easily organized is key for a parent and I can happily write that Casale accomplished all of this!

Overall Family Pledge is an incredible novel from an author with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom whose words will transfix and make you re-think your parenting strategies and so I am going to award this stellar book five stars! Please do have a read of the preview below book lovers, you will not regret it.