What was it like growing up in the 1950s in suburban New York City?

June 1, 2021

James L. Casale, Ph.D., a state and national award-winning educator, is the author of six books including two memoirs about his childhood.

In A Hero for All Ages, he writes emotionally about his local hero, a well-known recreation director whom he considered his surrogate father.  He also shares what it was like for a seven-year-old from NYC after he arrived in Harrison, New York in 1948.

We played outside all day, rode our bikes to nearby towns, and chased the Good Humor man down the street. Empty lots, building forts, making up games to play, and constructing scooters from old roller skates were truly from a bygone era.

The sequel, More Memories of a Kid Growing Up in Harrison, New York in the 1950s, traces his life as a pre-teen and teenager. Preteens morphed into rock n” rollers who tried hard to look cool, act cool, and drive cool cars and motorcycles. Collars up, belt to the side, pegged pants, or dungarees, t-shirts with a pack of Lucky Strikes tucked into the sleeve, and a DA haircut was the “look.” Cruising around and trying to pick up girls was standard practice.

Readers were excited to read all about it.

“The story……was like being shot in a time machine back to my childhood.”- R.A.

“Dr. Casale captured the climate of that time perfectly.”- M.P.

James L. Casale, Ph.D., was the former principal of Purchase School in Harrison, NY, when it recognized as a School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education in 1988. He was also the first male teacher selected as the Florida Teacher of the Year.

UPCOMING EVENT:  Two other authors who have written about their childhood in Harrison, Anthony Matero, and Gene Westmorland will join Dr. Casale for a book signing on July 17, 2021, at the Sollazzo Center located at 270 Harrison Avenue in Harrison, NY, from 1-4 PM.