"It's quite a strong little book. The writing is solid, as is the advice."
- Editorial Director, Skyhorse Publishing(NYC)

"A must read....It should be placed in the hands of parents leaving the maternity ward."
- A mom in Rye, NY

"Casale gives parents a reassuring big picture look at how they, even more than teachers, shape their children's' attitudes toward learning. ​​

By reminding readers that "even caring and loving parents must learn" how to create a home environment that supports learning, the book establishes itself as a legitimate, useful parenting tool."
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"As a parent, this book has served as an invaluable guide to raising my children at home and at school. Thank you Dr. Casale for proving such as excellent parenting guide!"
- Dr. Justin Platzer
March 13, 2017

"Dr. Casale's book is a great testament to why and how he was so successful for so many years. By the third chapter you will come to see that his wisdom, compassion and sense of personal accountability combine to provide a much needed guide for today's parenting.

For parents who are about to become grandparents, here is a wonderful gift for the expectant parents. And grandparents will greatly benefit from reading it as well.

At a time when too many parents are failing to teach strong principles, this is a a truly awesome guide."
- C. Robbinson
April 23, 2017


"I enjoy the enthusiasm and knowledge Dr. Casale shares in his new book. His experience as an educator/administrator and parent, gives him a unique perspective in raising successful kids. I really like how he entwines the responsibility of educating our youth between many....not just the classroom teacher! He notes the importance of parents in the education process and gives parents and teachers many ideas as to how to collaborate to maximize student achievement. As a school psychologist, I am very aware of obstacles that can impact student achievement and mental health. Dr. Casale offers many strategies to the reader to help their child rise to his/her greatest potential and maximize learning."
- CK, October 20, 2017


"Dr. James Casale, Author of Wise up and be the Solution, has penned another essential parenting book Family Pledge. Dr. Casale reminds us that parenting is hard work and that every parent struggles. His essays are relevant and filled with specific strategies to use at home starting today! His 50 years of experience as an educator is evident throughout. His frank and humorous tone make serious topics such as video games, screen time, bullying and school issues, accessible to new parents and more experienced parents as well. Whether your child is two or twenty two, this book will empower you to not only be their first teacher but also be their best teacher!"
- Lisa Maher Albi, October 26, 2017
NBCT, Educator for 30 years

"As a homeschool parent of 16 years plus, I truly recommend to all new, soon to be parents, or veterans, James Casale's book, Family Pledge. The book itself is filled with a myriad of essays, tips and ideas that can transform your thinking, not just about parenting but also the education of your child. Parents truly are their children's most important educator. All behaviors, thinking, mannerisms and ideas begin at home. As James Casale says, "...parents are the village." If you wish to make a difference in your child life, this book is your answer. A must read and reread, and as a reminder of the incredible difference you as parents can make for your children."
- Amazon Reader, 2018



"Dr. Casale’s book is much needed for our times. I encourage all parents especially new parents to read and re-read this book. It will make a significant difference in your life and your family life. It’s jargon- free, practical and humorous. The reader will enjoy all the personal and meaningful examples and anecdotes." 
- Father Chuck Notobartolo,
Vicar General of the Diocese of Palm Beach and Pastor of St Jude’s Parish,
Tequesta FL


"Dr. Casale goes far out on a limb by combining parenting in this day and age with the inclusion of the “G” word, God. Not an easy task. He provides a straight forward approach which has been lost to the secular demands of those “who know better” Hats off to literary honesty on an always relevant and timely subject."
– Deacon Dave Licata,
St. Peter Catholic Church


"I enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me of the Book of Wisdom. Dr. Casale offers a fresh perspective on how Christian parents can employ strategies that will both improve themselves and raise successful children. The bible quotes are inspirational because they speak to conscience not feelings."
- Janet Richards, Past President,
Council of Catholic Women, St. Patrick Church,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL