Is There a Secret to a Successful Charter School?

Letter to the Editor, (WSJ) 9/21/19 Robert Pondiscio’s, The Secret of a Charter School’s Success? Parents, is no secret. Parent participation in a child’s education has been an established fact well before the results of the 1966 Coleman Report. The largest study of its kind up to that point concluded that more resources, even for…

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Raising Kids

Are Parents Too Soft on Their Kids?

Are Parents Too Soft on their Kids? By James L Casale, Ph.D.   Part 1-Three True Stories Part 2-What to Do? What to Do? (coming soon)   Part 1- Three True Stories   Story # 1 While dining in one of our favorite restaurants in Juno Beach, Florida, my wife and I observed the following…

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Profiles in Attitude: Effective Parenting Begins Here

Profiles in Attitude: Effective Parenting Begins Here By James L. Casale   If you think parenting is a struggle, and mostly an uphill one, you are correct. However, you may need an attitude adjustment. There’s a reason that Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking sold five million copies. He was onto something so…

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