About Wise Up and Be The Solution

School reform starts at home. Direct your frustration about your child’s education to something you can control—the learning environment in your own home. This book will encourage, inspire, inform, and engage parents to become more knowledgeable about key school issues and learn how to be more proactive in your child’s education.

Parents are not required to have specialized skills or college degrees. Instead, read this straightforward, jargon-free, and common-sense approach to creating a culture of learning in your home and guiding your children succeed in school and life.

Parents will acquire accurate information on a variety of school issues that will equip them with the knowledge to be effectively proactive in their child’s education in and out of school.

Transform your home and family life for the better. Get the tools and knowledge you need to:

  • Develop a family mission statement.
  • Become knowledgeable and proactive in your school’s safety and security protocols
  • Improve discipline at home and learn what school discipline should look like.
  • Raise a reader.
  • Track your child’s progress at school.
  • Evaluate your progress as an effective parent.

Part Two of the book is a collection of Dr. Casale’s responses to specific school-related questions from parents who sought his advice.

Parents are, for better or worse, their child’s first teachers and role models. They have the power to become their child’s most important influence. Schools don’t raise your children; you do. Parents can and must “Be the Solution”.